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The parent notification app that helps your community stay connected

SchoolMessenger InfoCenter™ gives busy, on-the-go parents powerful new ways to stay connected to the school or district. Help parents access critical information on their schedule and on whatever device they choose. It's the most powerful parent notification app on the market today.

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Free and built for easy adoption

InfoCenter is a free add-on to the SchoolMessenger Communicate notification service that provides a recipient inbox where parents can access recent voice calls, text messages, email messages, and push notifications, from any device and at any time.* Contact your SchoolMessenger project manager today to learn how easy it is to make InfoCenter available to your school community.

InfoCenter Accessibility

Key Features

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The easy-to-read recipient inbox (left) allows parents to see notifications from all their students’ schools in one simple and color-coded view. The all-in-one notification view (middle) allows parents to review the related voice, SMS text, and email messages for a school broadcast on one screen. And granular notification controls (right) allow parents to adjust notification settings by broadcast type - but you can still make some contacts mandatory, giving you some amount of control.

Deeper access to student data

InfoCenter Plus™ is an add-on to our core InfoCenter service that allows parents to view student-specific information such as grades and attendance records.** With InfoCenter Plus, your parents are just a tap away from accessing important student data. Give parents one place to check on school notifications and student information with InfoCenter Plus.

InfoCenter Plus

*Works with most notification accounts, depending on data model and other restrictions. Inquire for more info.

**Requires purchase, opt in, and setup by the school or district.