E911 For Schools

E911 for schools is the campus safety technology educational institutions need. K-12 schools and districts, colleges, and universities can use E911 to improve their school safety and emergency management capabilities in a simple and cost-effective way. Learn more about how E911 solutions from West can make a difference on your campuses.

E911: Why Schools Need It

  • Because seconds matter in emergencies

    E911 solutions from West allow first responders to automatically know the exact room, building, and campus where a 911 call was placed from. This can improve response times in situations where a few moments can be the difference between a positive or negative outcome.

  • Puts you in control when a crisis happens

    With E911 solutions from West, your team is notified whenever a 911 call is placed from any school-controlled phone. Additionally, your school resource officer, security staff, and other administrators can listen in on the 911 call and break in if necessary. This gives you immediate situational awareness and real-time intelligence in emergencies.

  • Achieve state-level E911 or safety compliance

    E911 implementation is now a legal requirement for schools in many states, and even where it is not mandated by legislation, E911 may help you achieve compliance in states where school safety laws are on the books. See the infographic below to see if E911 can help you comply with state laws.

Situations Where E911 Can Make A Difference

  • Medical Emergencies (Allergic Reactions, Athletic Injuries, Heart Attacks, Fainting Spells, Classroom Injuries, Etc.)

  • Student Violence On Campus (Gang Activity, Use Or Possession Of Lethal Weapons, Attacks On Teachers, Violence In The Classroom, Etc.)

  • Domestic Situations (Violence Between Teachers And Estranged Partners, Attempts By Non-Custodial Parents To Withdraw Children From School, Etc.)

  • Building Incidents (Fires, Explosions, Gas Leaks, Hazardous Material Spills, Etc.)

  • Active Shooter Events, Intruders On Campus, Classroom Communications During Lockdowns

Why Choose E911 Solutions From West?

  • More E911 experience than anyone else

    The overwhelming majority of 911 calls in the U.S. are processed using West technology. In a typical year, that amounts to more than 400 million 911 and E911 transactions. No other vendor comes close to our 40+ years of 911 experience. When you partner with West, you partner with the company that has created and powered many of the innovative technologies that make E911 calls possible today.

  • Schools trust our E911 and other solutions

    Many educational institutions already trust E911 services from West to power their emergency response efforts, and more than half of the K-12 students in North America attend a school that relies on West's SchoolMessenger solutions products for school-to-home communications. No one has more experience meeting the communications technology needs of educational organizations.

E911 Features & Benefits That Schools Need

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