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In today’s world, schools are vulnerable to a wide range of safety threats. And it's a tough job to prevent threats from turning into emergencies. Here are just a few reasons why:

How Do You Respond To These Threats?
With A Complete Approach To School Safety.

Intrado Safety Shield offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from almost any kind of safety threat.

Unlike other solutions that only address one aspect of safety, Intrado Safety Shield helps you close safety and security gaps with its complete set of capabilities.

Intrado Safety Shield Features In Depth

Prevent Threats & Prepare For Emergencies

  • Unique safety drill features

    Launch, schedule, and manage safety drills across your organization

    Intrado Safety Shield can help you execute and manage safety drills unlike any other program. Launch a drill from our interface and have your staff run through the response tasks they need to complete on their own mobile devices. Schedule drills for all of your campuses easily. Get an at-a-glance view of your progress with our dashboard view. With our solution, you can go beyond basic spreadsheets to keep track of details and simplify the process from end to end.

  • Digitize critical school data

    Provides a central location where key staff can store and access safety info

    Important school safety data - such as building floor plans and emergency response plans - are often printed on paper and not easily accessible. This means that they're harder to use and share with first responders in crisis situations. Intrado Safety Shield eliminates these problems by providing a secure central location where this data can be uploaded, saved for future use, and easily shared with key stakeholders in an emergency.

  • Wellness check notifications

    Help ensure your people are safe with escalating, multi-channel notifications

    When someone isn’t physically present, it’s impossible to know if they’re safe and sound. In emergencies, this is a huge problem, and it’s also an issue in everyday situations. Follow up on anyone who is absent or unresponsive with Intrado Safety Shield’s multi-channel, escalating wellness check notifications.

Respond To Threats

  • Send life-saving data to 9-1-1

    Automatically send critical data to help reduce response times

    Intrado Safety Shield leverages Intrado’s status as a 9-1-1 service provider to offer its users faster connection to 9-1-1. Intrado Safety Shield passes critical data about callers on to 9-1-1 dispatch automatically, allowing for faster understanding and more accurate info sharing. That matters in situations where seconds saved can mean lives saved.

  • Live collaboration with first responders

    Real-time connection helps enable more effective response

    First responders may not have access to key school data, and that can potentially cause serious problems with emergency dispatch and response. With Intrado Safety Shield, school staff can collaborate in real time with 9-1-1 dispatchers, police, fire, and paramedics, sharing important information so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Secure two-way texting

    Enable situational awareness and keep staff connected

    When responding to safety threats, good communication is essential. Make sure staff have the ability to communicate, no matter where they are, with Intrado Safety Shield’s secure two-way texting features.

  • Panic button on your phone

    Instantly alert key players about emergency situations

    School staff don’t always have an easy way to report emergencies, which means it can take longer for school leaders to become aware of a situation and longer for first responders to get involved. Intrado Safety Shield provides every staff member with a panic button on their phone that instantly notifies school leaders and first responders when emergencies happen.

  • Role-specific response checklists

    Give each staff member specific guidance on how to respond to emergencies

    Emergency response plans (ERPs) provide detailed guidance on the procedures that must be completed when various types of emergencies occur. But in an emergency, no one has time to flip through a thick binder looking for info. Intrado Safety Shield takes your ERPs and breaks them into role-specific checklists that are accessible from any computer or mobile device. With these checklists, every staff member knows what emergency response procedures they need to complete.

  • A single hub for emergency response

    Single operational view and integration with key systems

    Reacting to an emergency requires you to lean on multiple data sources and systems: emergency response plans (ERPs), your student information system, your mass notification system, and more. In the middle of a crisis, it can be challenging to work with all of these sources to find and share the data you need. Intrado Safety Shield integrates all of these data sources together and provides a single operational view so you can complete tasks and share critical data quickly.

Recover From Crisis Situations

  • Simplify reunification

    Easily communicate about response and recovery in reunification situations

    When students are evacuated from a school building and relocated elsewhere, formal reunification procedures must be executed. Effective communication in these situations is essential to keeping parents from interfering with response efforts and preventing the spread of rumors and misinformation. Intrado Safety Shield simplifies the process of communicating about reunification, helping you provide incident status information and instructions on the location and credentials needed for child pick up to parents.

  • Mass message all parents and staff

    Communicate rapidly in any situation

    Intrado Safety Shield allows you to leverage your notification system to send multi-channel mass notifications so you can keep parents and staff informed about safety issues.

  • Post-crisis check-in

    Check on your people after an emergency situation

    When a crisis situation disrupts normal school life, it may not be immediately clear what happened to staff and students in the aftermath. In some situations, such as natural disasters that force the closure of school buildings, it's not uncommon for families to leave a school community without notifying school leaders. With Intrado Safety Shield, you can send notifications to your community inviting people to check in and provide status updates.

Powered By Intrado’s 40+ Years Of
Emergency Response Experience

Why should you trust Intrado Safety Shield? The following stats illustrate how we're uniquely qualified to help power school safety in your organization.

Addressing The Broad Spectrum Of Safety Threats

There are a wide variety of emergency situations that can put student and staff safety at risk – countless scenarios where you may need the help of 9-1-1:

  • Student safety threats: Medical emergencies, playground injuries, special needs issues, school bus incidents, drug activity, weapons possession, abduction attempts, auto accidents on campus, suicide attempts

  • Building safety threats: Gas leaks, power outages, lockdown situations, intruders on campus, structure fires, bomb threats, explosions

  • Environmental safety threats: Flash flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms, lightning strikes, earthquakes, landslides, wildfires

  • Staff safety threats: Domestic partner violence, classroom violence, acute health issues

  • School violence scenarios: Active shooter events, student fights, gang violence, hostage situations, vandalism

Being caught off guard by unforeseen threats can keep you from responding in a rapid and well-coordinated way. Intrado Safety Shield provides you with all of the tools you need to mobilize the right emergency response resources, no matter what challenges may come your way.

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