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SchoolMessenger Communicate Open Live Webinar Sessions

Whether you’re a new user who will send broadcasts or you’re a system administrator who needs to know the back end of the product; whether you’re someone looking for more tips and tricks for getting the most out of your system, or you’re just wanting to stay on top of everything that’s new system wide - we have training options for you!

Every session is delivered by a live trainer. You will have the opportunity to ask questions by typing to the trainer throughout the session. Depending on the topic, sessions last from one hour to an hour and a half.

Ongoing Webinars

  • SchoolMessenger Communicate New User

    Are you new to SchoolMessenger and need to learn how to send message broadcasts?

    Click here
  • SchoolMessenger Communicate Advanced User

    Comfortable with SchoolMessenger and want to learn how to create Advanced Lists and Customized Messages?

    Click here
  • SchoolMessenger Communicate Best Practices

    Want to learn more about Best Practices for Effective Broadcasts?

    Click here
  • SchoolMessenger Communicate System Admin

    Are you responsible for maintaining SchoolMessenger user accounts and profiles?

    Click here

Information for viewing our Webinars

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Flavors of the Season

Topics of Interest to Help You Hone Your Notification Skills

Note: "Severe Weather" is 1 hour. The remaining sessions are 30 minutes

  • Severe Weather

    Bad weather coming? Need help sending Weather Notifications?
    Click here!

  • List Creation

    Want to learn how to build and update lists using Quick Pick, Manual Add, and Uploading?
    Click here!

Other Webinars

Presence Webinars