West Education Ecosystem

Partner with SchoolMessenger solutions, North America’s most trusted K-12 communications products

Education companies frequently face the challenge of standing out in an increasing crowd of providers in every category. Schools are often overwhelmed with the selection and deployment process for web-based education products and services.

Introducing the West Education Ecosystem: A new way to introduce appropriate products directly to districts, digitally.

Reach districts through a platform relied upon by over half of U.S. schools

Backed by West Corporation, a global provider of telecommunications services, West’s Education group serves more than half of K-12 students across North America.

SchoolMessenger’s communications platform is used by more than 63,000 K-12 schools, in districts ranging in size and setting from small rural to large urban.

Our unparalleled reach, trusted brand, and superior technology give us a platform unlike any other education technology provider in the K-12 space. When your company becomes part of the West Education Ecosystem, you’ll have the power to connect and improve your customer engagement.

Partnership opportunities like no other

As North America’s #1 portfolio of K-12 school communications products, the SchoolMessenger platform offers original, targeted avenues to reach the K-12 community. Whether you’re interested in product integration, brand exposure, or some other kind of partnership, aligning your offerings with our solutions is a great way to stand apart from competitors and secure customer adoption.

Proven, flexible, and seamless options for trials and deployment

Most Ecosystem partners choose to integrate with our SchoolMessenger Passport single sign-on product. Based on established technology, Passport provides features that enable single sign-on for any participating product, usage reports, and a data API, all in a secure environment.

With Passport, companies increase their reach and reinforce their presence. Schools get one-click provisioning, improved security, lower cost of deployment, and a better understanding of how products and services they acquire are used in classrooms – all delivered through a cloud-based platform districts trust, and rely upon, every day.

Ecosystem partners can also integrate with other SchoolMessenger products – such as SchoolMessenger Communicate, the notification system used by more K-12 schools than any other – or take advantage of other partnership opportunities. The possibilities really are limited only by your imagination.

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