Five Layers Webinar

An Informative, In-Depth School Safety Webinar

Five Layers WebinarSchool safety is made up of multiple "layers" - and although some layers like equipment may get more attention than others, it's important to look at the totality of the layers. These layers must build off of one another and be connected.

There's no one better than experts Gary Sigrist, Jr. and Dr. Scott Poland to explain these layers and what they mean for K-12 schools. Gary and Scott are both nationally-recognized figures in their respective fields and have well over 60 years of experience in crisis prevention and school safety issues between them.

View this recorded professional development webinar now for an enlightening review of the most important aspects of school safety. Featuring practical advice and best practices, you'll walk away with a better understanding of the school safety issues that K-12 schools need to know about.

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