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Head Start

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Be ready for your next monitoring review

U.S. Federal regulations such as Head Start regulation 1304.51(b) require agencies like yours to maintain timely and accurate communications on program-related issues with parents, policy groups, staff, and the community. SchoolMessenger Communicate is the ideal tool to help you maintain communications compliance.

  • Deliver and Track Important Communications
    Prove you are meeting communication requirements

    SchoolMessenger Communicate is a powerful but easy-to-use communications tool that helps Head Start agencies like yours deliver and track important communications. Send voice, text, e-mail, and social media messages quickly and simply, and check on message delivery with our real-time reports. With Communicate, you can prove to regulators that your program is maintaining good communications with key stakeholders.

  • Do More With Less
    Operate more efficiently and focus on participants

    Besides communications compliance, Communicate can help your Head Start agency achieve other important goals. Maintain high monthly ADA numbers with the help of our attendance notification feature. Maximize social services participation by sending reminders to parents and guardians. Help ERSEA staff manage the application and enrollment processes by automating common communications. And improve parent engagement by communicating with parents about educational programming.

  • Save Time with Software Integration
    Sending notifications is a breeze

    We have established integration processes with over 130 data sources and can integrate with popular Head Start software programs like COPA and ChildPlus. Whether your SIS is as simple as an Excel spreadsheet or as complicated as a full-featured software product, SchoolMessenger Communicate can integrate with it, making it easy for you to send notifications.

Use these resources when evaluating notification systems:

  • Spec Sheets
    Comprehensive Brochure

    Get a detailed overview on the SchoolMessenger notification system from this features and product specs guide.

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  • Decision Guide
    Question to Ask

    Ask these 10 questions of any notification provider to make sure their system will perform when you need it.

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