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SchoolMessenger Integration Partners

Integrating with SchoolMessenger solutions just makes good business sense. As North America's #1 portfolio of K-12 school communications products, the SchoolMessenger platform offers partnership opportunities like no other firm in the education technology space.

When your products integrate with SchoolMessenger solutions, you're making it easy for more than half of the K-12 schools across the U.S. and Canada to adopt your product. No other communications provider in the K-12 market offers that kind of reach and scale, so integrating with SchoolMessenger solutions is one way to help make your edtech product stand out from competitors and get adopted by schools.

Leaders in integration

A key reason for the success of SchoolMessenger solutions is our commitment to integration. We're proud of our ability to integrate with our customers' systems from school software vendors large and small. School information systems and other school management software programs are no match for our technology and integration specialists.

No matter what technology your edtech product runs on, we can probably integrate with it. And if your product offers the kind of functionality that would be valuable to our demanding K-12 customers, we'd love to talk.

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