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Private Schools

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

The #1 communications provider to K-12 private schools

Private K-12 schools of all stripes trust SchoolMessenger with their communications needs. Large or small, urban or rural, SchoolMessenger offers private schools the tools they need to connect with parents, community members, alumni, and more. Find out why so many of your peers trust SchoolMessenger and discover what our notification, mobile, and website solutions can do for your private school.

Experience You Can Trust

Here's why so many private schools work with us

SchoolMessenger has worked with virtually every type of private school in the country: Catholic schools, Lutheran schools, Independent Christian schools, Jewish day schools and Hebrew academies, Islamic day schools, independent nondenominational schools, boarding schools and academies, and many more. That deep experience has helped us understand the needs of private schools unlike any other provider. For communications solutions that work when you need them, with fantastic service and support, choose SchoolMessenger.

  • Private School Parent Notification
    Communicate with your entire community quickly

    SchoolMessenger's award-winning school notification service helps your private school rapidly communicate via voice, text, e-mail, social media, web, and more. Reach parents, staff, and alumni with important messages at any time. And thanks to our unmatched broadcast network and patented technology, we have the ability to send and deliver your critical messages better than any other provider.

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  • Private School Mobile Apps
    A great engagement and marketing tool

    In today's fast-paced world, mobile apps have become a must-have item for private schools. From showing prospective families that you're a leader to keeping existing parents, alumni, and donors connected, a mobile app enhances your brand, keeps you competitive, and gives your a direct line of communication to your community. Discover how our mobile app solutions can help your private school.

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  • Private School Websites
    Custom solutions that help you stand out

    Your website is the first place where prospective families will look for info on your school, and it's also the place where your parents and alumni will look for things like teacher contact info, schedules, and other data. SchoolMessenger's website solutions provide the custom look, fast loading times, and easy-to-navigate structure that your private school needs. Find out how our website solutions can help you achieve your engagement and marketing goals.

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