Solutions To Help Schools Thrive In The New Normal

The coming school year is guaranteed to be unlike any other in history. The Intrado SchoolMessenger team is here to support schools with our wide range of solutions, increased support staffing, and more. Learn more about what we have to offer.

A Complete Set Of Tools To Help You Respond
To Today's Unique Challenges

Get Ready For The New Year

  • Reopening communications

    Keep your community up to date as plans evolve and change

    There are many things you'll need to communicate to parents and community members before you can get back to school: school start dates, class schedules, new health and safety protocols, on-campus and online learning plans, and much, much more. Our tested and trusted school notification solutions will get your messages out quickly and reliably via phone, email, text, and social media - just as they have for more than two decades.

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  • Collect key school data

    Give parents an online option to provide student data

    Using our online form solution, you can easily collect much of the data you usually gather at in-person back-to-school events. From registration and enrollment data to yearbook and class ring reservations, the options for collecting data are limited only by your imagination. Also, our SecureFile solution can help you safety and securely send sensitive student documents like report cards, class schedules, transcripts, and more home to parents electronically.

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  • Survey parents & staff

    Get a handle on what your community thinks

    Since every school and district is different, you'll need to understand the preferences of your parents and staff members so you can take them into account when making decisions. Reopening plans, student transportation needs, teacher and substitute availability, and student services are just a few of the many topics you'll want to ask your community about. Use our survey solution to take the temperature of your school community on key issues like these.

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Keep Everyone Healthy

  • Health monitoring

    Make sure that everyone who comes onto your campuses is healthy

    If they're not already a requirement in your jurisdiction, regular temperature and symptom checks are still a best practice as far as maintaining safe in-person learning environments. Using our form and survey solutions, you can automate and simplify the process of gathering this data.

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  • Contact tracing

    If outbreaks happen, quickly notify close contacts of ill individuals

    Upon confirmation that a student or staff member has fallen ill, you can quickly launch notifications to all individuals who may have come in contact with them so that they can be tested. Our school notification solutions, which have well-established integrations with more than 130 student data systems, make it easy to get this done.

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  • Response plans & checklists

    Make sure staff is ready to respond in any situation

    With so many new plans and procedures to implement, execution will be a challenge for any school staff. Make the process of maintaining a safe and clean on-campus learning environment easier with our Intrado Safety Shield solution. Upload and save your emergency response plans and give all staff members access to role-based checklists that outline the steps they need to take to respond to any situation.

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  • Attendance & wellness checks

    Close the feedback loop to ensure students stay connected and safe

    Whether students are on campus or learning from home, you need to understand where they are and if they're engaged. Our Intrado Safety Shield solution sends escalating, multi-channel wellness check notifications when students are absent or unresponsive. Our SafeArrival solution allows parents to proactively notify school leaders when their students will be out of school and helps you identify true unexcused absences faster. Both solutions offer great tools to help you monitor the health and safety of students.

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Improve Off-Campus Learning

  • Remote learning support

    Video and audio conferencing solutions for any educational organization

    Our parent company, Intrado, is a leading provider of video and audio conferencing solutions. If you need a more reliable way to manage remote learning this semester, our team can help design a solution that works for your school or district community.

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  • Online learning safety

    Protect students as they engage with email and web applications

    Online safety is more important than ever with students learning from home. For districts that utilize G Suite For Education or Office 365 For Education, our SafeMail solution adds unmatched filtering and human monitoring capabilities to help you protect students. Detect troubling activity like suicide ideation, sharing of pornography, inappropriate language, and much more with our unique tools.

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  • Teacher messaging

    A safe way for parents, students, and teachers to stay engaged

    More than ever, teachers need ways to stay connected to parents and students digitally - but you need to make sure they're using messaging solutions that offer district-level oversight to maximize student safety. Our SchoolMessenger mobile app - which is free to all users of our Intrado SchoolMessenger Communicate solution - allows teachers to engage their students in multiple ways from one simple mobile app.

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Keep Campuses Safe

  • Direct connection to 9-1-1

    A fast, direct link to 9-1-1 dispatch that you can trust

    Intrado's unique position as a 9-1-1 service provider and the leading provider of 9-1-1 call processing software gives us the power to offer you direct connection to emergency dispatchers. When medical emergencies, campus vandalism, school violence, or any other urgent situation happens, we can route your calls directly to the nearest dispatch center - unlike other solutions that just don't have the same links to 9-1-1 infrastructure.

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  • Safety drill management

    Unique tools to manage and execute safety drills

    In this "new normal" environment, it will be more challenging than ever to execute the safety drills required in your local area - and you may need to add a few more to the schedule to train everyone on what to do in the event of an illness outbreak. Our Intrado Safety Shield solution offers unique safety drill features to help you manage and execute drills in powerful ways.

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  • Panic button solution

    When emergencies arise, staff can easily notify school leaders

    In these stressful times, teachers and staff need a way to immediately alert administrators about problems. Our Intrado Safety Shield solution allows you to put a panic button on the mobile devices of every staff member so you'll instantly know about any concern that demands rapid follow up.

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  • Mobile communications

    Enhance communication and safety with our mobile apps

    We offer multiple mobile app solutions to help you communicate, whether you're on campus or off campus. Our mobile broadcast app helps you send school notifications from anywhere. Our custom mobile app solution allows you to create a mobile app for your school or district that brings school news, calendars, push notifications, and more into one branded app. And our Intrado Safety Shield solution offers secure two-way texting so that school leaders can discuss any school emergency, no matter where they are located. Take advantage of all of our mobile solutions to keep your community connected and safe.

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  • First responder collaboration

    Achieve situational awareness quickly to ensure fast emergency response

    When an on-campus emergency happens, you need to get first responders to the exact site of the incident as quickly as possible. Our Intrado Safety Shield solution allows you to collaborate in real time with emergency dispatchers to ensure that the right personnel are sent to the right place at the right time.

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You Can Lean On Us In These Difficult Times

  • We've expanded our support team

    Here to help you navigate the challenges of this moment

    Our dedicated support staff is always available, and we're committed to delivering the help you need, even in high-demand times like these. That's why we've increased our support staff by 35%, improved our phone systems, and have implemented new tools to closely monitor response times. These steps are allowing us to be even more responsive to your needs in spite of current events.

  • We're committed to protecting student data

    Take comfort in our leadership around privacy issues

    We're proud to be a longtime signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, a legally-binding, public commitment to protecting student data. While some vendors have yet to sign the pledge, we've been a signatory for more than five years. Even in these fast-changing and uncertain times, you can trust our solutions to keep sensitive student data safe.

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