Student Absence Tracking

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Immediately Account For Student Absences

SafeArrival from SchoolMessenger allows parents to notify the school of planned student absences in advance. Parents can do so in several convenient and secure ways: a toll free phone line, a mobile app or by using SafeArrival.

Automatically Identify Undocumented Absences

Immediately after roll call, SafeArrival automatically notifies parents of undocumented absent students by telephone, email and text message. Parents can easily acknowledge and explain the absence or report it as unexcused, quickly helping staff identify students who are unaccounted for and freeing up time to personally attend to those potentially serious cases.

Huge Time Savings

The majority of schools using SafeArrival have reported savings of more than 30 to 90 minutes per day! Gone are the days of exhausting tasks like listening to absence voicemails, or combing through various attendance notes and parent emails or manually calling parents to find out if their child is legitimately absent, or worse, missing.

No More Busy Signals

If parents choose to call in their absence report, we take their call using a dedicated toll-free number for your district, freeing up your phone lines for staff needing to make outgoing calls.

Faster, Easier, Safer

To learn how SafeArrival can save you time and help make students safer, simply click the link below and request more info.

For more info on SafeArrival, our student absence tracking system, click here to contact us.