Student Data Module

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

Provide Access to Both School and Student Data

With the Plus module for the free SchoolMessenger app, schools and districts can create an all-in-one parent app featuring access to multiple types of individual student data, teacher messaging, and more. Discover the many ways that the Plus module can add value to your school community.

  • View Data From Multiple Sources

    Plus allows parents to view individual student data from a variety of different school software systems right from within their SchoolMessenger app - including grades, attendance, lunch account balances, class schedules, and much more. Additionally, Plus makes it easy to review this data by neatly organizing it into a helpful dashboard view for each student. With just a glance, parents can review all of the relevant data for their student – without having to search for different kinds of information across different apps and programs.

  • Build a True All-In-One Parent App

    The teacher messaging and school notification features that form the foundation of the SchoolMessenger app are powerful enough on their own. But when the SchoolMessenger app is enhanced with the Plus module, it becomes an app that truly connects parents to every part of school and academic life. With the Plus module, parents can quickly ensure that lunch accounts are funded, see if kids are making it to class on time, and much more – all with just a few taps on their mobile devices. Go beyond basic messaging and enable an all-in-one parent app with the Plus module.

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