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Advanced Filtering and Human Monitoring Services for Student Safety and CIPA Compliance

If your district uses Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365 Education, you may be out of compliance with federal laws like CIPA and COPPA without realizing it. SchoolMessenger SafeMail is designed to help you filter and protect all of the communications tools your students use so you can keep them safe and maintain legal compliance. Discover the multiple layers of protection offered by SchoolMessenger SafeMail.

  • Filtering for Student Email and Other Tools

    Many districts believe they can achieve CIPA and COPPA compliance by simply limiting student email to the school domain. Others believe that a regular Internet filter is enough to achieve compliance. But in many cases, these solutions fall short, leaving students vulnerable to pornographic or obscene content and leaving schools vulnerable to legal attacks. SchoolMessenger SafeMail, built to integrate with Google Apps and Office 365, may help you achieve compliance – not only for student email, but chat, document editing, and other applications.

  • Human Monitoring System for Student Email Safety

    Each month, SchoolMessenger SafeMail’s Human Monitoring System (HMS) flags and reports an average of six student emergencies per school, including issues like suicide, sexuality, violence, interpersonal conflict, and more. Our highly-trained HMS team reviews flagged content sent by students and alerts you when troubling issues arise. Thanks to SchoolMessenger SafeMail, schools are able to proactively deal with potential threats to school safety and behavioral issues.

  • Tools to Help Maintain Legal Compliance

    SchoolMessenger SafeMail offers a broad range of features that help bring school email systems in line with federal laws on student Internet safety. Our Walled Garden Filter is designed to help schools achieve COPPA compliance. Our Internet Safety Module helps schools meet CIPA requirements on student Internet safety education. And our archiving configuration services help schools meet legal requirements for data retention. With SchoolMessenger SafeMail’s tools, you can help ensure your unique legal compliance requirements are met.

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