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About The Network

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

Trusted by the largest schools and organizations

We have built an always-on network that is counted on by some of North America's largest school districts, the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy, and National Guard, colleges and universities, and numerous first responders. Learn more about our best-in-class infrastructure below.

  • Built for Reliability and Speed

    Unmatched technology and broadcast network

    Thanks to our technology and broadcast network, we exceed every other notification provider in our ability to send large volumes of messages reliably and quickly.

    The application resides in multiple geo-dispersed datacenters with redundant connections to the nation's telephone grid, dual delivery methodologies (TDM and carrier grade VoIP), and the highest level of encryption available for civilian use. Thanks to these technologies, SchoolMessenger is always there when you need it. More technology highlights:

    • Multiple redundant SAS 70 Type II certified facilities
    • Dual delivery methodologies
    • 100% FERPA compliant
    • 256-bit SSL
    • Quarterly security audits by outside firm
    • No single point of failure

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