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Secure Document Delivery

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

Say Goodbye to Costly Mailings and Printings

Secure Document DeliveryYou work for an educational institution, not a post office or print shop. With SecureFile, our secure document delivery solution, you can get out of the business of printing and mailing sensitive student documents. Send report cards, progress reports, and other important documents home to parents while saving money and time. Find out why you should implement SecureFile below.

  • Savings That Make a Difference

    Recover your investment in as little as one mailing

    Printed documents are resource intensive. Add up what you spend in terms of money and staff time to produce paper reports and mailings, and the total likely comes to several dollars per student per year, plus countless staff hours that could be better allocated elsewhere. Cut those costs with SecureFile.

  • Security With Simplicity

    Easy-to-use tools backed by the strongest security available

    SecureFile safely delivers documents electronically. Our simple 3-step process allows you to take data exported from virtually any source and send it with just a few clicks. And documents stay safe thanks to 256-bit SSL security and optional password protection, so you can be sure that the right documents are getting home to the right parents.

  • Valuable Management and Tracking Features

    Do things the post office just can't do

    Neither mailing nor using students as couriers are guaranteed ways to get sensitive documents home to parents. With SecureFile, you no longer have to wonder whether a document made it home. Our system offers full reporting capabilities so you'll know not only whether an individual has received your message, but whether they've downloaded the files you sent them.

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