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K12 Social Media Management

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

K12 Social Media Management Made Simple

K12 social media management can be difficult and time consuming without the right tools. With SchoolMessenger K12 Social, our all-in-one social media management platform, you can manage all of your social media activity from one central location. Easily publish across social networks, listen to conversations, analyze performance, and more. Discover the power of SchoolMessenger K12 Social below.

  • One Place to Create and Post Content

    Built for quick content creation and publishing

    With one click, K12 Social lets you publish your content to any number of popular social sites and profiles – Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, WordPress blogs, and much more. You can even schedule your posts and include rich media like images and video. K12 Social also makes coming up with ideas for new posts effortless, assisting you with content tools from start to finish. Maximize your limited time for social media with K12 Social.

  • Engage With Your Community

    Respond and interact from our simple interface

    Keeping up with comments and questions across multiple social sites and profiles is easy with SchoolMessenger. From one simple screen, you have an at-a-glance view of your social presence across the most popular social networks and can see all incoming messages and questions. You can also drill down into each individual profile to view that page's posts and comments, respond inline to any comments or questions, or assign a response to another user with one click. With SchoolMessenger, you can stay on top of interactions and keep parents and community members happy.

  • Listen to Conversations in Real Time

    Track keyword mentions and identify influencers

    Conversations about your school or district are happening on social media, as well as many other places around the web. That’s why K12 Social constantly monitors an ever-growing number of public web and social media sources and alerts you – in real time – whenever conversations about your organization appear online. From local news sites to personal blogs to social media profiles, K12 Social identifies the people talking about your organization and allows you to see what they are saying.

  • Quantify Your Social Media Performance

    Measure any aspect of your social presence

    K12 Social provides reports to help track every kind of social media activity. Review your overall performance, or drill down and see how an individual social profile is doing. Analyze how people are engaging with your posts, identify which content is most popular, or simply review recent posts you’ve published across your social media accounts. With K12 Social, you’ll have the data you need to improve your social media efforts over time and help other organizational leaders understand the importance of social engagement.