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Our Commitment To Accessibility

We're committed to school website accessibility because we know you have to be. Besides avoiding accessibility complaints, we know that you want to serve the people in your school community who have different levels of ability in terms of navigating websites. Here's how we weave accessibility into everything we do.

Our Approach to Accessibility

  • Making Accessibility Part Of Our DNA

      We focus on accessibility at every level of our organization. From software development work on our CMS system to project management and design on the creation of individual websites, accessibility concerns shape and inform our efforts. In particular:

    • We spend time to understand how users with disability challenges use websites. We do the research necessary to understand how various users navigate a website or content module to ensure we're coding and designing in ways that maximize accessibility.
    • We use assistive technologies to test user experience. For example, all content modules are tested with JAWS to ensure accessibility for users who rely on screen readers.
    • We take a consultative approach when designing new websites. For example, we will let you know if the colors you want to use on your site don’t have sufficient contrast for visually-impaired or colorblind users and work with you to select alternates.
    • Our content modules and template designs provide out-of-the-box accessibility. We're proud to say that all 30 of our template designs and many of our content modules have been tested to ensure they are accessible to users who rely on assistive technologies. This provides our customers' websites with a solid foundation to build on.
    • We use robust testing tools to ensure each website is accessible. Whether a site is highly customized or based on one of our template designs, we test it with advanced tools to ensure it is accessible prior to launch.
  • Built-In Accessibility Features For Our CMS

    SchoolMessenger Presence, our website content management system (CMS), has been built to meet the specific needs of K-12 districts. It has also been built to be accessible on every level from a software perspective. Learn more about our accessibility features:

    • Skip navigation links - These links allow users who rely on their keyboard to navigate a site to bypass the top navigation so they don't have to endlessly click on links to get to the main content on a page.
    • Keyboard-navigable content - Our navigational menus are keyboard navigable and we’ve spent considerable time making them intuitive for visitors using assistive technologies such as JAWS.
    • System-required alt and title attributes - When adding non-text content like images or hyperlinks, content editors working within our Presence platform are required to add the appropriate attribute to ensure that people using assistive technologies can understand the content (alt attributes for images and title attributes for hyperlinks).
    • Accessible data tables - When creating tables for data purposes, we provide tools to ensure the table is accessible.
    • Text resize - We code our textual content so that it can be resized using standard browser tools.
    • HTML markup and content structure - All of our design templates have been coded to ensure appropriate HTML markup and logical structure.
    • Accessible CAPTCHAs - Our CAPTCHAs offers audio alternatives.

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