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Accessibility Monitoring For Schools

Keep Your Websites Compliant With A Comprehensive Accessibility Monitoring Solution

Accessibility monitoring is an important step in the journey of creating an accessible web presence. Once you've made your website accessible, you must constantly monitor it to ensure that accessibility is maintained as content evolves and changes over time. Learn more about accessibility monitoring, why schools need it, and how our solution makes challenging tasks faster, simpler, and less stressful.

Why Schools Need Accessibility Monitoring

  • A compliant CMS isn't enough

    The underlying content management system (CMS) your website is built on matters. But a CMS that's compliant from a software perspective isn't necessarily compliant from a content perspective. You need a monitoring solution to help ensure that the content on your site (text, images, graphical elements, etc.) remains accessible to all users.

  • To avoid lawsuits and complaints

    U.S. and Canadian laws demand that schools maintain accessible websites. Being out of compliance puts you at risk of lawsuits or scrutiny from government regulators. An accessibility monitoring solution can help ensure that your site stays compliant with key regulations.

  • Inaccessible content hurts disabled users

    Any student, parent, guardian, or community member with a disability who depends on your website for information needs the content to be accessible. An accessibility monitoring solution can help you ensure that disabled users have the same level of access that non-disabled users have.

Accessibility Monitoring Approaches: Pros & Cons

There are many approaches that schools are using to address the challenge of accessibility monitoring, but some approaches are better than others. See the pros and cons of these various approaches below.

  • Do Nothing

    Despite the rise in accessibility complaints and lawsuits, many schools dismiss the threat or simply hope that they won’t be hit with such problems. But the refusal to invest in accessibility monitoring introduces needless risks that could prove costly and keeps you from recognizing when members of your community may have difficulty accessing your content.

  • Free Accessibility Checkers

    Free is a price that sounds good. Unfortunately, like most things, you really do get what you pay for. Free accessibility checkers tend to be limited in functionality and not user friendly. Also, they generally don't help you understand which items are most in need of fixing and flag too many “false positives” that aren’t actually errors.

  • Accessibility Consulting

    Paying a third-party consulting firm to monitor your site is an approach that can alert you to potential accessibility issues. The downside is that the amount of value you get is limited to what you pay since you're essentially paying for the firm's time. Your site may never get the attention it really needs in this kind of scenario. Moreover, alerts about issues only come in as often as you’re willing to pay for them (quarterly, monthly, etc.), and this could prevent you from fixing problems in a timely way.

  • Comprehensive Accessibility Monitoring Tools

    A robust accessibility monitoring tool provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are on top of any potential accessibility issue and can take immediate action. The best accessibility monitoring tools do come at a cost, but they offer you essential benefits that other approaches don’t. With a full-featured accessibility monitoring tool, you can be alerted about potential problems instantly – not months after the fact when they could be preventing disabled users from accessing content. Watch out, though: not every paid tool is equal in terms of features, ease of use, or delivering actionable insights.

What Our Accessibility Monitoring Solution
Can Do For You

Why Use Our Accessibility Monitoring Solution?

No other accessibility monitoring offering comes close to our solution. Unlike free tools that are limited in quality and paid tools that charge high fees for subpar technology, our solution simplifies your life while being easy on your budget.

  • Save More Time

    Our accessibility monitoring solution is built to save you time with powerful features like these:

    – Instantly identify potential issues that appear on many pages of a site; mark all identical issues complete with one click

    – Easy filtering options help you zero in on the most important accessibility issues

    – Create custom content policies to easily scan for problematic content

    – Chrome extension helps you quickly identify where problems are located on each webpage

  • Make Complicated Things Simple

    Our tool simplifies the entire accessibility monitoring process from start to finish:

    – Check for compliance against any major accessibility standard (including WCAG 2.0 and 2.1) with the click of a button

    – Effortlessly scan for 185 different issues - more than any other tool

    – Powerful graphs visually communicate your compliance for each level of WCAG standards (A, AA, AAA)

    – Easily understand what issues you need to follow up on - see issues by level of priority

    – Accessibility help center module helps you quickly understand why an issue is important and provides sample fixes

    – Built to integrate well with any website CMS to make life easier on you

    – Special streamlined view of potential accessibility issues for SchoolMessenger Presence customers

  • Get More Done With Less Effort

    Our powerful tool helps with a broad range of accessibility monitoring tasks so you can get more done with less work:

    – Check PDFs for every scannable accessibility issue with a W3C-recommended program

    – Identify SEO issues and review issues by priority level (high, medium, low)

    – Automatically recognize your most-needed content fixes

    – Quickly find quality assurance issues (misspellings, broken links, readability, etc.)

    – History center allows you to check progress by issue for any given date range

  • Monitor Without Limits

    We know that school budgets are tight, and that's why we give you more for your money than other accessibility monitoring tool providers:

    – Unlimited user accounts so you can easily give people access

    – Unlimited training so your team knows how to take advantage of every module

    – Unlimited support so you'll always have answers to your questions

    – And much more!