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Attendance Notification

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

Reduce unexcused absences and protect government funding

You know that the costs of unexcused student absences add up quickly. Besides the drain on school finances, a student that isn't in class misses out on important learning opportunities. Fortunately, you don't have to let students slip through the cracks, and your staff doesn't have to spend countless hours on attendance calls. Use SchoolMessenger's attendance notification capabilities to help keep students in class.

  • Send Attendance Calls, Texts, and Emails

    Maximize your chance at reaching parents

    Every parent has different communication preferences. With SchoolMessenger, that's no problem. Our system can send attendance notices via voice call, text message, or email - and reach parents on the devices they prefer - automatically.

  • Understand Why Students Are Absent

    Close the feedback loop with parents more quickly

    SchoolMessenger Communicate allows parents to directly respond to attendance calls, emails, or texts (for example, by pressing a button after a voice call and leaving a message explaining the student absence). Plus, districts can add on the optional SafeArrival application, which provides mobile-friendly tools that allow parents to report absences in advance and a powerful administrative dashboard that makes attendance management easier. These features save time for both parents and your staff and allow you to track student absences more easily.

    Learn more about SafeArrival
  • Hands-Free Attendance Notification

    Period absence and tardy notification, too

    Want to notify parents when students were absent for a single period or send notifications about tardies? Need to send multiple attendance broadcasts during the day (i.e. for morning and afternoon classes or per period)? SchoolMessenger integrates with more than 130 data sources, (including many SIS and attendance software programs) to make sending attendance notifications effortless, even in complex situations.

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