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Responsive School Websites

Discover The Responsive School Websites That
Make Your Content Look Great On Any Device

Responsive school websites from the SchoolMessenger solutions team are built to be beautiful, functional, and accessible, regardless of the device someone uses to access them. Find out how we weave responsiveness into every website we create.

Responsive School Websites For Olympia School District

Responsive School Websites In Depth:
Key Features & Elements

  • Responsive Designs

    Every SchoolMessenger Presence website comes with responsive design standard because mobile-friendly design is essential in today's world. With our responsive designs, all of the various elements on the page automatically adjust to fit a visitor's unique screen size and ensure that your school website works well. Whether your site is being seen on a widescreen desktop monitor or a small mobile phone screen, you can rest assured that our responsive school websites always look amazing.

  • Responsive Videos

    Whether you're looking to implement an attention-grabbing video at the top of your website's home page or simply embed a third-party video on an interior page, you can be assured that your video will look good on a SchoolMessenger Presence website. We implement the right tools and code to make sure that your videos stay watchable and simple to playback; they will automatically shrink down to the proper size on smaller screens, with video player controls (if available) remaining in view and easy to access.

  • Responsive Images & Graphics

    Images that look great on a desktop-sized screen can look distorted or too small to decipher on the small screen of a mobile phone or tablet. That's why we take care to properly code our responsive school websites so that images and graphics automatically scale to fit the screen size they appear on. In this way, the images you want people to see can be easily consumed on any device.

  • Responsive Navigation Menus

    Navigation menus are an essential part of every website since they link to all the various places your website visitors may want to go. On the small screen of a mobile device, however, there isn't room for huge menus that contain all kinds of links. To solve this problem, our school websites employ responsive menus, which hide menu links by default when a visitor is using a mobile device to access the site. Visitors on mobile devices can click to open the navigation menu when needed and quickly find the right link while visitors with larger screens enjoy the full-size navigation menu.

  • Responsive Content Blocks

    Our responsive school websites automatically present content in the manner that works best for an individual user's screen. For example, a block of content that looks great when stretched out horizontally on a desktop-sized screen may be broken up into smaller chunks and presented vertically on a mobile-sized screen. This setup allows your content to remain readable and attractive when being shown on tablets or phones.

Learn More About Responsive School Websites

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