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Lunch Balance Notification

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

Reduce student lunch account debt

Unpaid student lunch balances can take a toll on your foodservice program. Fortunately, there is a solution: SchoolMessenger. Our clients have reduced overdrawn lunch balances by as much as 90% by using our platform to notify parents. Try engaging parents with lunch balance notifications and make lunch debt collection easier.

  • Multimodal Lunch Balance Alerts

    Send voice, text, and email alerts to engage parents

    Our platform is simple yet powerful, offering a variety of ways to send lunch balance alerts. Send voice calls to parent home and mobile numbers, ensuring that your messages will be received. And use email and text message alerts to further drive awareness of low lunch balances, improving the chances that parents will be notified and make payment arrangements.

  • Powered by Integration

    Working with your systems to send targeted messages

    Since SchoolMessenger integrates with more than 130 data sources, including many SIS and lunch software programs, sending lunch balance notifications is easy. Let our award-winning support team set up an integration that works for you.

  • Fully-Automated Lunch Balance Alerts

    Recover countless hours of staff time

    Thanks to our integration capabilities, SchoolMessenger can remove the manual labor from your notification process. Set up different kinds of alerts based on balance level or time interval and have them sent automatically, freeing up time for your staff to do more important work.

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