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Features Tested And Trusted By Thousands
Of K-12 Schools And Districts

The SchoolMessenger Presence website CMS has been trusted by some of the most well-known schools and districts for almost twenty years. Over that time, the Presence team has built the best school website feature set in K-12 education. Discover the unmatched depth and breadth of our feature set and see what it can do for you.

Our Most Popular Features

Top Features In Depth

  • Seamless, in-line content editing

    Often imitated, never duplicated

    We pioneered the concept of in-line editing for K-12 websites - the ability to edit content right on the page, rather than using a complicated backend HTML editor. Many others claim they do the same, and some have tried to copy us, but we're still the best in this regard. Sign up for a demo and see how easy it really is!

  • Integration with key systems

    Create a powerful hub for your school community

    Presence websites integrate with your notification system, mobile app, and social media channels, as well as your SIS, G Suite, Office 365, and many other systems. With so many integration options, your Presence site can be a powerful hub for educational and community interactions.

  • An interface that works for everyone

    Easy to use, whatever your level of technical skill

    Whether you're a large district with many users spread out across dozens of campuses or a small independent school with limited technical resources, a Presence website is a great solution. That's because Presence has been built to be easy for any user, regardless of technical ability. If you need a site that's easy to manage, look no further than Presence.

  • Accessibility built right in

    Help disabled users access your content

    We've woven many accessibility features into our Presence CMS to help ease the burden of maintaining an accessible website. From skip navigation links to requiring alt attributes to proper HTML markup, Presence sites are built to be highly accessible from a software perspective.

  • Responsive design

    So your site looks beautiful on any device

    Today's on-the-go parents expect to be able to access content on their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. That's why Presence sites are built to be responsive - so your website will be beautiful and functional on any size screen.

  • End-to-end support

    Here to help you launch and maintain a great site

    Content migration, implementation help, training, and technical support all come standard with Presence sites. If you're done with the hassle of maintaining a website on your own, discover how a fully-supported solution like Presence can make life easier.

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