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Teacher Messaging

The Trusted Platform for School Community Engagement

A Better Way to Implement Teacher Messaging

Teacher messaging apps have revolutionized classroom communications, but many of them are frustrating for school administrators.

Many teacher messaging apps bombard parents with alerts and notifications, and when parents are asked to download multiple apps, they begin to tune out all the noise.

SchoolMessenger offers a different approach. With our solutions, schools and districts can reap the benefits of teacher messaging while keeping parents engaged. Learn more about our better approach to teacher messaging today.

  • Bringing Together SchoolMessenger-Powered Messaging

    With the SchoolMessenger Home App, parents don’t need to download multiple apps to keep up with school communications sent by SchoolMessenger platforms - which means that school administrators don’t have to worry about parents being over-messaged. Put simply, it makes everyone's lives easier.

  • Powerful Tools to Keep Parents Connected

    For districts that adopt SchoolMessenger Chat, teachers can engage in two-way conversations with parents in both one-to-one and group messaging formats. Teachers can also share files, images, and videos with parents. And with the SchooMessenger Home App, parents can easily review all notifications related to their children’s schools, as well as all district-level notifications and other messages, in one simple, scrollable view – just as they would on any other popular app or social media site.

  • Tools to Help Teachers Engage

    Teachers can easily send home classroom assignments, permission slips, and other files with SchoolMessenger Chat. Using one-to-one messaging, teachers and parents can privately and securely discuss individual students. And through group chats, teachers can start discussions around classroom events, topics students are learning about, and more.

  • The Teacher Messaging Solution That's Better Than The Rest

    Teacher messaging apps from startup companies may be here today and gone tomorrow. The SchoolMessenger platform, by contrast, has been around for more that 20 years. You can trust that our solutions will be around both today and in the future. That gives teachers a great reason to switch from other group texting apps and use SchoolMessenger solutions exclusively.

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