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Spend Less Time on Attendance Management and Enhance School Safety with SafeArrival

SafeArrival is a complete attendance management solution for K-12 schools.SafeArrival makes attendance management faster and easier. An add-on to SchoolMessenger Communicate and the SchoolMessenger Home App, it helps schools save time and money while enhancing student safety.

The majority of schools using SafeArrival are reporting time savings of 30 to 90 minutes per day. Find out how SafeArrival's powerful tools can help your school improve attendance management.

  • Simplify Attendance Management with SafeArrival’s Parent Reporting Tools

    With SafeArrival, parents have two powerful ways to communicate with schools about a child’s attendance: notify the school in advance about an upcoming absence, or rapidly respond to excuse an absence after the fact. In both scenarios, parents can send attendance alerts to schools for all of their children and provide a reason for each absence – all in one simple communication.

  • Report Student Absences with SafeArrival’s Mobile, Voice, and Web Tools

    Conveniently, parents can securely excuse absences with just a few taps inside the SchoolMessenger Home App or the web-based SchoolMessenger Home interface. In addition, parents can also call a toll-free phone line to report absences and respond to absence notifications by phone. This makes SafeArrival accessible to all parents.

  • Automate Key Tasks With SafeArrival’s Administrative Tools

    As soon as absent students are entered into the student information system, SafeArrival reconciles all absences against the parent-reported absences. This allows school staff to easily identify students who are unaccounted for. SafeArrival also automatically notifies parents of unexplained absent students by telephone, email, text, and mobile push notification. And as excuses for these unexplained absences come in, SafeArrival makes it easier to update the SIS, further easing the burden on staff.

  • Better Management for Enhanced Student Safety

    SafeArrival was developed to help school staff zero in on true unexcused absences and speed up the process of finding students who might be missing. With SafeArrival’s mobile, web and voice notification tools, schools have the power to follow up on unexcused absences rapidly, helping to ensure that students are accounted for and, if not in school, safe and sound.

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