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SchoolMessenger Home App

School Communications and More in One Powerful App

Many parents find it hard to keep up with school updates. That's because:

• They are often asked to use multiple apps or channels to stay connected
• They can’t customize how they receive communications
• There are simply too many messages to keep up with everything

SchoolMessenger Home can help you solve these parent engagement problems. Learn more today about what it can do for your school community.

How SchoolMessenger Home Works

Schools and districts that rely on SchoolMessenger communications solutions can implement SchoolMessenger Home to make it easier for parents to stay connected.

SchoolMessenger Home provides a simple online hub where your parents can go to access SchoolMessenger-powered messaging.

With SchoolMessenger Home, parents can:

• Access voice, text, and email messages sent from SchoolMessenger Communicate

• Engage in two-way conversations with school staff if their child’s school or district has enabled SchoolMessenger Chat

• Report student absences in advance or provide absence explanations if their child’s school or district uses SchoolMessenger SafeArrival

Benefits Of SchoolMessenger Home

  • Available For Free In Multiple Formats

    SchoolMessenger Home is available as both a mobile app for Apple and Android devices and as a Web-based application. That way, parents can access it in the way they feel most comfortable. What's more, it's totally free so that everyone can access it.

  • Simplifies Parent-Teacher Communications

    With SchoolMessenger Home, schools can bring all of their SchoolMessenger-powered messaging into one online location. This makes life easier for parents and reduces the chance that you'll overwhelm parents with too many messages from too many sources.

    Learn More About Teacher Messaging

Advanced Modules For SchoolMessenger Home

If you want to enable two-way conversations between schools and parents, sign up for our fantastic add-on solutions. Learn more about what our advanced messaging solutions can do for you.

  • Keep The Conversation Going With SchoolMessenger Chat

    Keeping parents informed and engaged helps drive positive student outcomes. SchoolMessenger Chat provides the tools schools need to stay connected with parents. Learn more about how SchoolMessenger Chat enables two-way conversations between parents and school staff.

    Learn More About SchoolMessenger Chat

  • SchoolMessenger SafeArrival: A Better Way to Manage Attendance

    Managing unexcused absences can be tedious and time-consuming, and slow updating of records can even have an impact on student safety. With SchoolMessenger SafeArrival, it doesn’t have to be this way. Discover how SafeArrival saves considerable amounts of staff time and makes the process of addressing and managing unexplained absences much simpler.

    Learn More About SchoolMessenger SafeArrival

Learn More

If you are a parent and are trying to download SchoolMessenger Home or sign up for communications from your child's school, please visit our Parent Center for more info.

If you are a school or district employee and would like to request more info about SchoolMessenger Home, please contact SchoolMessenger support.