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School Communications and More in One Powerful App

The new SchoolMessenger app solves one of the biggest parent engagement challenges that schools face today: avoiding message fatigue. With so many communications tools available, and different tools being used by teachers, schools, and districts, it’s easy to over-message parents to the point where they start tuning out key school communications. The SchoolMessenger app changes all of that.

  • A Single App for All School Communications

    The SchoolMessenger app brings together rich teacher messaging, school notification, and more helpful features. This provides parents with a single app for all school communications, and gives school leaders more visibility into school- and district-wide messaging. Best of all, it's available for free – as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices and as a Web-based application.

  • Simplify Parent-Teacher Communications

    With the SchoolMessenger app, there’s no need for teachers to use group texting or classroom messaging apps that sit outside of central office control. The app allows teachers to connect with parents – with both one-to-one messaging and group messaging – using the same app parents use for school- and district-level notifications, simplifying life for everyone.

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Do More With Advanced Modules

Although the free SchoolMessenger app is powerful on its own, schools and districts can choose advanced add-on modules that make life easier for both parents and school administrators alike. Learn more about the SafeArrival and Plus modules, which provide parents with easy-to-use tools that help them report absences and access individual student data, below.

  • A Faster, Easier, Simpler Way to Manage Attendance

    Managing unexcused absences can be tedious and time-consuming, and slow updating of records can even have an impact on student safety. With SafeArrival, an optional add-on for the SchoolMessenger app, it doesn’t have to be this way. Discover how SafeArrival saves considerable amounts of staff time and makes the process of addressing and managing unexcused absences much simpler.

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  • Provide Access to Multiple Types of Student Data

    From grades to lunch balances to schedules, there’s a lot of data that parents need to keep track of – and they’re often forced to use multiple apps and programs, or simply call the school, to retrieve that data. With Plus, the optional add-on student data module for the SchoolMessenger app, schools can make data from a wide variety of school software systems available for quick and easy viewing. Find out how Plus can save staff time and help keep parents informed.

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