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School Website Accessibility

Improve school websites with these accessibility resources

School website accessibility is one of the hottest topics in K-12 education, thanks to the concerns of educators and parents. To help school administrators better understand the issues around web accessibility, we've gathered a collection of resources on topics like section 508 compliance, web authoring best practices, and much more. Whether you're new to the topic or a well-versed pro looking for in-depth resources, our school website Accessibility Resource Center can help.

Need more help? Fill out the contact form below if you're looking for solutions to your website accessibility issues. SchoolMessenger Presence, the most flexible website solution for K-12 schools, offers industry-leading features and tools that help you comply with accessibility standards. Contact us today for more.

School Website Accessibility Solutions For K-12 Districts

School website accessibility is a concern for every K-12 school administrator today. Let us help you. Whether you're concerned about ADA compliance, an OCR complaint, or just looking for accessibility resources, the SchoolMessenger team is here for you.

ADA Compliance and School Website Accessibility

  • Make Sure You're Compliant With School Website Accessibility Regulations and Guidelines

    Ensuring that your school website is in compliance with key laws and regulations like ADA, Sec. 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and more is an essential task. Understanding key accessibility principles and guidelines, testing and evaluating your site's performance against those guidelines, and formulating plans for resolving accessibility issues are essential steps in the process. If you need help with making your website ADA compliant and understanding school website accessibility guidelines, get in touch with the SchoolMessenger team.

    Learn More About ADA Compliance

OCR Complaints About School Website Accessibility

  • OCR Letters: Responding to School Website Accessibility Concerns

    The mere thought of an OCR complaint about your school website may fill you with dread. If you've already received one, you may be stressing out. We've worked with all kinds of districts who have received an OCR letter - small and large, urban and rural - and we know firsthand that while an OCR complaint is something to take seriously, there's no need to panic. The process of responding to a complaint and making accessibility improvements can be challenging, but it's a manageable process that we've helped numerous districts complete successfully. If you need an experienced guide to walk you through the process, talk to the SchoolMessenger solutions team today.

    Learn More About Responding To An OCR Complaint

Our Commitment to School Website Accessibility

  • School Website Accessibility & Our CMS Solution

    School website accessibility concerns shape everything we do, from creating built-in accessibility features for our content management system (CMS) solution to how we approach accessibility testing and improvements. Learn more about our commitment to accessibility.

    Our Commitment to Accessibility

School Website Accessibility Monitoring

  • Simplify School Website Accessibility Compliance With Advanced Monitoring Tools

    To get a job done, you need the right tools. That's why we offer an accessibility monitoring solution for school websites. Our state-of-the-art tools help make the process of maintaining compliance with accessibility standards easier by helping you understand your biggest issues quickly, manage tasks, track progress, and much more. Find out about our solution's many capabilities today.

    Learn More About Accessibility Monitoring For Schools

School Website Accessibility Resources

  • Helpful Info on Important School Website Accessibility Topics

    To help school administrators better understand the issues around accessibility, we've gathered a collection of resources from organizations who help K-12 schools make their web technologies more accessible. Whether you're new to the topic or a well-versed pro looking for in-depth material, the Accessibility Resource Center from the SchoolMessenger team can help.

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Get Help With School Website Accessibility

If you need help with making your website ADA compliant, responding to an OCR complaint, or just want to learn more about our accessible school website solution, fill out the form below and tell us about your accessibility challenges. A member of our team will be in touch.

Accessibility-related materials provided by SchoolMessenger are not intended to and do not provide legal advice. Schools are advised to consult with their legal counsel to better understand how to make their websites accessible under the law.